Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010


Well.... With all of the air conditioning issues we have had I slept with the windows open and a fan blowing at high speed.... I got so cold, you would have thought I was back in Nepal! I didn't get up and close windows or turn off the fans.... I just covered up and shivered! It was about 4:30 and so I just laid there until 5:00 then got up.... I have a great book going and sometimes I just lose track of time! Dropped the kid's off then Starbucks.... On to work, to get it started. Morning was fine, as it went by quickly. Met Mike Isbell here at lunch, and he charged the A/C unit, and boom shockalaka, it works like a charm. I guess we got lucky, but I did make God a bunch of promises! Thank you Mr. Isbell! You are a life saver! I took the lawn trailer back with me. The afternoon was interesting.... I did a deep clean on the IV room, then bailed out. Headed over to MWC to do the property there. Garrett has been helping me, and he is doing a very good job! We finished in 3 1/2 hours. Home to put the equipment up, and get ready for bed! On a sad note.... Adam Murray, a young man I have know for a couple of years now from the gym, passed away Sunday. I believe he was 24, and has had several issues since being hit on his bicycle a year ago.

Love you all!



Adam Murray

We will fight in your


God Bless

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