Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20th, 2010


Thursday started with some really sore thighs.... I have not run as hard as I did yesterday in quite a while. I had some good upbeat music going and the weather was impending, so I pushed hard. Dropped the kid's off and hit Starbucks.... Went to work and knocked it out.... I had a part being held for me to pick up for Mike's truck. I took a quick break and went and got it. At lunch I came home and got the lawn trailer. Back to work, where before I went back in I went ahead and edged the property. I had the same two guy's who were helping me in MWC coming at 3:30 to help again.... Only problem was Jesse disappeared, so it was just Garrett and I. He is a good worker, and we knocked it out in just under 4 hours. Came home and ate 60 shrimp, took a shower, and the passed out. I started a new book... "Dead Lucky" "Life after death on Everest. So far it's got me hooked. Lincoln Hall was a year away from an Everest expedition and decided to take his whole family on a trek to base camp.... Something really exciting happened yesterday. Trey's scholar squad, has been invited to compete in Germany next March! ;-) I have NEVER seen him so excited. What does this mean???? Time to raise another $6,000! It's an eight day trip and there is no way I could let my baby travel to Europe without me. They are visiting Munic, Salzburg, and Vienna! Cool Stuff! Top picture is me preparing to climb Mt Scott's boulder field in an ice storm, and the second is me and my buddy Jason Klinka running in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

Love you all!


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