Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday & Saturday, May 14th, and 15th, 2010


Friday morning was typical.... Dropped the kid's off and hit Starbucks. Back out to the lake to see if anything was stirring.... A few crows, in an old tree, and a few deer. I will attach the pictures. On to work to occupy my 325 square feet of pharmacy space. We have been really busy, but I was out of IV supplies, so I had to scramble to borrow enough to get us through until our order came in. I have been wanting Chinese for a couple of days, and so the girls obliged me and we went to an old school Chinese restaurant.... It was great! The afternoon was equally busy, and so we cranked it out! After work Sherrie and I did our grocery shopping and then came home and just chilled out. We went to bed early and since I have been taking steroids.... I did not sleep at all! I got up at 3:35am, and wrote a few emails, then loaded up the truck and headed over to Midwest City. It has been pouring rain for days, so I pruned trees, put down 38 bags of mulch, and trimmed the hedges in the nursing home courtyard. The plan was to get all of that done come home crash out for a few hours, and then head to Tulsa to watch one of our fighters fight for the 185 pound X-Treme League Title. I hate to say... I just didn't have it in me. I am just exhausted. I feel guilty, but it is a two hour drive, and then getting home at 2:00 in the morning would have made for a very, very long day. I guess, I made the right decision, and I am sure under the circumstances Jeremiah will understand. We are suppose to get 2 more inches of rain over night.... Tomorrow Sherrie has to work so I had planned on spending the day with Trey..... I know I am going to make him get up early and we are going out driving around in the morning looking for something to take pictures of. That is what really makes me happy! My plans for Mt Rainier are changing.... I am probably going to Climb Mt Blanc in the Summer and wait on Rainier. I have to climb both, but some opportunities are opening up for Europe sooner than Washington.... That happens when you are working with sponsors and guides working for free, trying to fit me into open slots. Anyway, I am going to take some drugs and try to sleep until 5:00am. Sherrie and I are starting a training schedule tomorrow. I have not run in several months due to the back, but it starts tomorrow! I am going to do 2 miles in the morning, and two with her in the evening. I need to be up around 13 in the next 60 days. Should not be a problem..... I have this crazy thing with goals. I am also looking for some kind of adventure to do in the UK.... I was considering a swimming challenge, but I don't really swim that much? Any suggestions would be appreciated, and we are still looking for a house sitter for Memorial weekend!

Love you all!


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