Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 28th, 2010


Dropped the kid's off then Starbucks.... On to work. I had a few errands to run in the middle of the day so I busted butt, all morning. I met my brother off of Hefner Parkway and we swapped cars for the weekend. His giant, gas guzzling SUV will suit us better for today's road trip. It has room for eight which means I can separate the kid's and they can sit far enough away from me that I would have to use a stick to beat them. The girls and I met Ben Crocker at Louie's for lunch. It was good. The afternoon was busy with trying to get everything ordered for the long weekend. Sherrie called and told me that the air conditioner was not blowing air, which indicated the A coil was frozen. I took it apart, and thawed it off.... The drain was clogged and the coil was filthy. I degreased it and...... OH MY GOODNESS! It stunk to high heaven! The air flow is so much better, but it smells like gasoline in the house. It will disperse if Sherrie will quit turning the system off! I am going to work for a couple of hours, then home to tend to some pre-trip stuff, and Adam Murray's funeral is today. We are leaving for Tennessee at 3:15.... The minute Jordan gets out of school! It will be a very long day! The picture is the truck my grandfather was driving the day he took me fishing..... He had a massive heart attck and passed away right there at the pond. It now sit's behind My Uncle Ben's house in Tennessee. I go walk around it everytime I go there. It gives me a connection to my Pee-Paw!

Love you all!


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