Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17th, 2010


Typical Monday.... Took the kid's to school and the hit Starbucks... It was busy in there, but Grant had my drink ready in 30 seconds! Work continues to be very busy.... It seems like I spent half my day remaking IV's. I have committed to take my lunch everyday this week, which will #1 save a little cash, #2 Tends to be a little healthier, and #3 saves some time, so I can try and get out a little early to do some lawns in the evenings. Early in the morning Mike Champlin called me and told me his Land Rover had broken down and he was tired of pouring money in it. The U-Joint had broken while his girlfriend was driving it, and it scared her to death. The Rover shop here want $1500 to fix it.... I looked on line and the joints are only $55 each. I ask him if I could work on it for him. Soooo last night after work I came home and got the lawn equipment, went to mom's, did her lawn, broke down a bunch of the old fence panels, then Ben Crocker came over and we dropped the drive shaft out of it and towed it over to mom's. We only had to make a couple of trips to the auto parts store to buy a couple of wrenches. Thank you Ben Crocker!!!!! I pray to God, that I am able to fix this thing really cheap. I have a ton of great memories in that Rover. It is the vehicle Mike and I take on os=blsp-spelling-error>ur trips. He has done sooooo much for me in the last 15 years I have no way of paying him back, so I think a little sweat may show him my appreciation. (By the way... I need to get back to Moab, real soon!) We have found a house sitter, for our Tennessee trip. Ben Anderson, who works with Sherrie and is a big supporter of "The Quest" is going to stay here and take care of "Baby Boomer!" Thanks Ben!

A couple of random picture! One picture is me Canyoneering in Utah, and the second is me and Ben Crocker.

Love you all!


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