Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday, May 14th, 2010


Dropped the kid's off then hit Starbucks.... My crew was there, and so it starts the day out with a smile. MMMMMmmmmmm..... I love coffee! I ran by the lake to see if anything was moving. On the way out I saw a doe, with a brand new fawn. By the time I slowed down the car and reached in my bag for the camera they were gone. On to the lake where there were tons of song birds, but the weather was cloudy, and rainy, so no real good shots. The geese have hatched, so there were a few young goslings. On to work, where I wanted to get the weekend stuff done, and make sure I have everything.... I had lunch with Ben Crocker, and we discussed the gym, and the fact that neither of us has been there for weeks. I am just so busy right now something has to give, and he has sold both of his houses, and is trying to get closed on them, and find a new house to live in. The afternoon was pretty slow, because I had used all of our IV supplies in the morning, so I actually came home a bit early and took a nap. Trey had his end of year, orchestra concert last night.... It was brutal! Not the music but, the time it took in between groups. for 12 songs it took 3 hours. Luckily I took a book that I have been reading for weeks. From Everest to Enlightenment." It has been about fund raising, and organizing expeditions to Everest up to this point... I reached the part of the story, where he reaches Nepal, and his impressions of Lukla, and the trek to Base Camp. I laughed out load a couple of times. Especially when he was talking about the airport at Lukla. He called it a postage stamp on the side of a mountain. I loved Lukla. It was the beginning and end of my trek, and climb. Anyway.... In this book the author quotes famous climbers throughout the book. Awesome read. We came home at 10:00 and I headed straight to bed. I am dog tired. The poison ivy is better but not gone. We are suppose to get 4 inches of rain over the next two days. I don't know what that means for lawn service this week, but I guess I can do some special projects in the rain? We are confirmed to go to Tennessee over Memorial Day weekend. It is a 10 hour drive each way, but mom has a reunion she really wants to go to. I also have a couple of uncles that I really enjoy being around who will not be around in a couple of years. I will take my opportunities while I can. We are looking for a house sitter, if you know anyone?

Love you all!


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