Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 Part two


So you could probably tell I had a bad day Sunday. It all started out good, after I picked up Trey at mom's house and we headed to church.... We were a bit early so we stopped by "The Mill" to see if there was anything to take pictures of? Well I was wearing my good climbing glasses and when I looked over the rail my glasses fell into the pond. I freaked out and went running down the sidewalk to a flower garden and jumped the fence. That's when it got crazy. I had a goose attack me! Don't laugh! I did not see the nest that the geese were protecting. They came after me like a Spider Monkey, A Spider Monkey! I ran back to the top of the rail and looked over the edge. It was about a twenty foot drop, so over the edge I go! I shimmied my way over the edge, and dropped to the ground.... I grabbed my glasses and then had to find a way back up before the geese attacked again. I reached the bottom of the rail and pulled myself up, then threw a leg up in a rock climbing maneuver....Boom I was up and out! Church was good, then Trey and I went to the Art's Festival. It was OK.... He ate some chicken, and got pissed off at me when I made him pose for some pictures. We came home and I started doing a brake job on the truck. I did it three times to get it right! Then mowed the lawn. We have developed a leak in between the shower and the wall to our bedroom...I had to tear out part of the wall to find out where the source of the water was coming from. It was a small hole next to the tile and wall board. Sherrie has finals this week so, between all of the crap, with her car, the mower, working 100 hours a week, kid's, bills, stress, stress, stress, we have been kinda hateful to each other.... That didn't help either! I was exhausted so I went to bed... Pouting like a little baby!



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