Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


I let Boomer out at 4:30 and then just laid in bed. Jordan stayed again last night and was up with Trey all night.She would come in the bed room every couple of hours and give us an update on how he was doing. Today was Sherrie's first day at Deaconess and she had never been there before so I told her I would drive over there and she could follow me. I was going that way anyway.... I had to pick one of my employee's up this morning. We went to work and there was a lot of clean up work from yesterday. We had several meeting today including Medical Executive Committee. As soon as that was done I had two evaluations to do, and then load up and head to the Cox convention center to set up for the Oklahoma Hospital Association trade show. Amber and I got set up and realised we left 1/2 of our stuff back at the hospital so I went back to get it, then stopped at Lowe's to get caution tape and hard hats. I went back to the Cox Center and we finished setting up then I came home. Sherrie cooked a great dinner of Talipia, stuffed mushrooms and salad. As soon as the mess was cleaned up Sherrie and I took Jordan back to Norman.... We put Elf in the DVD player and then drove by Chesapeake on the way home. They spend thousands of hours each year on lights. Sherrie has to finish her outline so I am going to let her use my computer. 46 and clear in Paris right now!

Love you all!


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