Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday, November 10th, 2011


Jordan slept in the bed with Sherrie and I last night.... Kinda reminded me of the days when she was three only she's a little bigger and she mumbles in her sleep. I had to let Boomer out at 4:00 and never went back to sleep. I got up cleaned up and then came in the living room to do some work. Sherrie took Trey to school and I stopped at Vintage! I drove to work and did an eval, then Flash, Post, and leadership. I had three evals to do at Edmond LTACH. I had promised Elisa the case manager that I would bring her lunch so I stopped at Louie's before going in. We ate and then I started copying charts. I was there for three hours. I headed back to Midwest City to write up the evals. My head was bobbing so I grabbed a cup of coffee and then headed home. Our company was on their way so I mopped the floors while Sherrie cooked a wonderful dinner. We ran to Sam's and picked up the last few items. We came home and cleaned out some cabinets before sitting down to look at some stuff on the computer. I showed Sherrie some video from Nepal, and then part of my guide to France. My phone has been doing some weird things so I re-set it and re-synced it. We are exhausted and getting ready to head off to bed!

Love you all!


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