Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, November 17th, 2011


I did not sleep well, so when I let Boomer out at 4:45 I went ahead and got my shower then laid back down for a few minutes. I got up and started working on Catalina's pictures before dropping Trey off at school, hitting Vintage and then on to work. Work was good... We are so full that we are sending patients to our competitors. My girls have been working so hard that I promised them a good lunch, so I took them to Pelican's. We all had salad bar and I had some oysters. We went back to the office and I met with a few patients, and then met with our Medical Director Dr. Amin. I left a little after 4:00 and headed home, but stopped at Bob Moore to look at a truck before coming on home. I had planned on going to TRX but there was too much to do here at the house so I elected to do that stuff instead. I needed a day off. My arms are really sore and my back hurts.... I know poor me. I wanted to have the house nice and clean since Sherrie had school all day and had to work tonight. FYI... It is 41 degrees and cloudy in Paris right now. They are seven hours ahead of us, so it is 4:00am there! I am so excited.... 120 days until we leave!

Love you all!


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