Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 11th, 2011


Happy 11-11-11.... Up at 5:00 so everyone else could get their showers and get off to work and clinicals. I took Trey to school, hit Vintage for my skinny Carmel latte, and then took the back roads to work. Work was non stop, as usual... Meeting, meeting, meeting eval, eval, eval.... I had planned on having a solid lunch and then leaving right after my meeting at 2:00. Well my meeting at 2:00 went 30 minutes long and then I ended up having three more evals to do. One of our competitors is having staffing trouble and so they were sending most of their patients out, so I worked well into the night from home. Sherrie made her famous Gnocchi soup and of course everyone ate until they were stuffed! Bruce and I took the turkey fryer pot to the car wash and cleaned it up, then we came home and boiled some soapy  water in it.... We came in and injected the turkey with spices and butter then sat down for a bit to visit and watch Superman (Braylon) play. It has been a long week! I will finish the guide to France in the next couple of days and post it.

Love you all!


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