Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21st, 2011


Been sleeping much better....It was really chilly in the house and I did not want to get outta bed; However, there is this place I have to go everyday called work! I had several reports due at 9:00am so I started working on them. I took Trey to school, hit Vintage and then went out Memorial to Midwest Boulevard.... I try and take a different route everyday for a couple different reasons. The first is I-35 is a mad house, Broadway Extension is ridiculous, and I-40 is gridlock. I also look for things to take pictures of. I got to the office and got busy immediately. I had most of my reports done by 9:00 which was good since I had flash, post flash, leadership and then took my girls to lunch. When we got back I had to get ready for my Monday conference call.... I rocked the call due to the fact that we are so jam packed on both sides of our building. The afternoon got hairy due to some room change issues. I needed a guy to move so we could move two patients into the room he was in and then bring two over from the Specialty Hospital, and then bring two in from an outside facility. The guy didn't want to move, and my blood pressure started climbing! I finely got it to happen and then bugged out to get to TRX. I got onto I-35 and it turned into gridlock. It took me an hour to go 6 miles. When I got to the I-35 - I-40 interchange there was a truck that had flipped over and was on northbound and southbound lanes. I was meeting my brother and sister at moms to discuss what to do next... I got there a few minutes before six and walked through the house. We have decided to put the house on the market and let it go. I took some of the pictures from around the house. Pictures of the kids, and Sherrie and I. We cleaned out the fridge and freezer.... I came home and Sherrie was on her way home from work. I made a bite to eat and then we cleaned up Boomers mess. It had rained all day and he tracked mud in everywhere. We watched a little football before bed. I can't stop thinking about France.... I looked over my guide for a few minutes and it has sooooo much "stuff" that no one would ever care about. It is going to take a bit to get it edited. I might get to a little of it tonight. I am meeting a couple tonight that hired me to shoot their wedding on December 3rd.

Love you all!


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