Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, November 6th, 2011


Ok.... So we had that crazy earthquake at 11:00pm last night. Sherrie said what is going on and I said it;s an earthquake. She started yelling at Trey to get in the doorway, and he freaked out! We rode it out and it was insane to actually experience it. I have been in at least five tornado's and been in wildfires, but that was our first earthquake. It was some what unsettling. I stayed in bed until six and then worked on my guide to France for a little while before getting Trey up and heading to church. Trey and I worked in  the parking lot and then went in for an awesome service. It was miracle Sunday and God knows I need a miracle! We went straight to moms and I put Trey in the backyard with the push mower, and I jumped on the Yazoo.... I mower the front and side in about three minutes, and then weed ate, and edged before he finished mowing the back yard. Trey was laughing at me because when I am on the job things move very quickly. We put the equipment away and headed to the house. I got started on finishing the floor. I had a three inch strip along the walls that needed to be finished. I had borrowed my brothers table saw so I would be able to cut the strips straight. It was a very slow process. I ran to Home Depot and picked up 8 more cases of flooring and some trim for the area around the fire place. That took forever to cut and place. I cleaned up my mess and then started on dinner. I grilled turkey burgers, veggies, and made some chunky guacamole. Sherrie got home at 5:30 and Stephanie was here.... I was exhausted but Sherrie want to go for a walk so we went and did two miles before I came home to shower and get ready for Monday. I worked on my France guide some more.... It is 287 pages long! Oh My Goodness!

Love you all!


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