Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011


Alarm went off at 5:00 and I did not want to get up. I waited until 5:15 and then had to shave and shower so Sherrie and Stephanie could have the bathrooms. I worked on a few pictures for my buddy Daniel. I ran to 7-11 and put some air in the tire of the Yukon and then took Trey to school. This is Rad Tech Week at Baptist and Sherrie ask me to go get a $50 gift card and take it by the radiology department. I did that and then headed to work. I was going to swing through McDonalds and get a latte but when I got there their latte machine was down, so I got my girls in the office breakfast and then went to work. I had a couple fires to put out then flash, post-flash, and then leadership which was just Chad and myself. I got back to the office and it was time to head to a "Big Time" meeting with my physician group. This was a breakthrough meeting that will solidify our position as the leaded in post acute care in the whole metro area. I had Bobby, and Diane go with me and once I got them started there was no stopping. It was awesome. Back to work.... I had a couple of in-house evaluations to do and then we had some high level negotiations with a couple physicians to work on.  Sherrie got out of school early and I sent her to get her hair done... As soon as I left work I had her meet me at Big-O tire to get a new tire put on the Yukon. It had a hole that could not be fixed. It will be Tuesday before the new tire will be in. We had to take Stephanie to her house and then we came by the house to get Trey. Sherrie was going to cook some fish but we were so far behind that we just ran to Louie's and got a bite. That is three times this week.... I only got a couple items done on my guide to France. I am still working on Paris. It is overwhelming to think about all of the things we are going to see there. As soon as I get the guide done I will post it!

Love you all!


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