Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18th, 2011


I was up before the alarm clock and working on Joy Pierson's, daughter Catalina's pictures. They are pretty good..... I wanted to get them finished before I do my shoots this weekend. I have three shoots Sunday afternoon. I took Trey to school and then headed to Vintage before work. I keep snacks in my office for myself and the girls so I stopped at the new neighborhood market and got some pop-tarts and trail mix. I had promised the girls I would help them get caught-up on their paperwork so I stayed in the office most of the day. We did have a baby shower for Jennifer Whitehead at noon... My boss emailed me and needed an update as to where we were census wise. I continued to help the girls and had an opportunity to duck out about 2:45.... I came home and Sherrie was on her way home from clinicals at Baptist. It was her last day at Baptist and she was in ER... It was also Trauma day at Baptist so she got to see some crazy stuff! When she got home she looked exhausted so we laid down for an hour. I was up and down with these dang pets, but I got up got dressed and then took Trey to basketball practice. I came home and picked Sherrie up and we went downtown Edmond to Italian Jim's. It is a new restaurant that is attached to a glass blowing place. So while you are waiting on your table they are creating art next door and you sit in there and watch. It was awesome. The food was wonderful and one of the waitresses was one of Jordan's friends from school, Kat Flippo. I recognized her and told Sherrie. Sherrie said hi to her, and she knew who she was but couldn't place her.When Sherrie told her she was Jordan's mom, she couldn't believe how great she looked. She kept looking at me but never spoke to me. When we were leaving we were saying bye to her and she finely figured out who I was.... She told Sherrie that she though she had remarried and just had a thing for bald guys! That was funny and made me feel pretty good. We left the restaurant and headed to Wal-Mart, then hit Academy, Khol's and then one more Wal-Mart. Sherrie got a couple new sweaters, some new thermals for under her scrubs, a cute little furry hooded vest, and then a SMOKING HOT new dress for our executive Christmas party. I need a fourth job now!!!!! We came home and my sister had picked Trey up from practice and then took him to dinner. They had come back to the house to watch osu Vs. ISU. Febe left and Sherrie and I watched the end of the game. ISU beat #2 osu in overtime and that made me really happy! I am tired of hearing how great osu is and how they were going to the National Championship game.... HAHA! Not gonna happen stunned aggies!

Love you all!


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