Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday, November 26th, 2011


Another busy day. I got up had my coffee and then cleaned up. Trey and I were given tickets to the OU Vs. Iowa State football game by my buddy Clark Mitchell. Clark has a friend who owns an apartment complex just north of campus corner and he said we could park there as long as I was there by 9:00. We got there a few minutes before 9:00 and parked. We walked over to campus corner and Teddy Lehman was over signing autographs so Trey and I went to the Apothem and bought an autograph football. We had Teddy sign it and then took it back to the truck. We walked over to New York Pizza... Trey had a slice of pepperoni and I had a salad. We walked out to Starbucks and Barry Switzer was doing a radio broadcast. I introduced Trey to him and told Barry that that was Treys first OU game. I also told him that his OU Vs. Iowa State game in 1983 was my first OU game that my dad took me too. He smile real big. We met Christopher Mitchell and walked over to the stadium. He and Trey have so much in common. The like the same sports, the same teams, and GIRLS! We got into the stadium and before Christopher went to his seat I took a picture of him and Trey. We went to our seats and we were only 5 rows off the field. It was raining, and about 20 degrees with a sustained winds at 40 miles per hour. We stayed until the middle of the fourth period and Trey was an ice cube so we headed to the truck. Jordan wanted us to come to her apartment and see her so we went by for a couple minutes, then headed back to Edmond. We went by Wal-Mart so Trey could tell his mom about the game. She was sorry she could not have gone with us, but she would have been miserable. Trey and I came home and I started dinner. I made a veggie lasagna, and a regular lasagna. It took forever to make them, and then when they were done I wasn't even hungry. We ate a little and then I made Trey go to Hobby Lobby with me. I had a painting I needed to have framed and then picked up a football, and a basketball case. We came home and I wrapped a few Christmas presents, cleaned the kitchen and have been on the couch being lazy! It's 45 and broken clouds in Paris right now. 109 days to go!

Love you all!


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