Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, November 25th, 2011


Sherrie and I decided not to get up and go Black Friday shopping. We stayed in bed until seven and then got up got dressed and stopped at Wal-Mart before heading to Midwest City. I had a patient coming in at 1:00 and needed to do an update so we would have all of the current vent settings. We waited for two hours before the case managers faxed me the information. Sherrie and I went to Golden Palace for lunch and then came back to Edmond. We went to Bob Moore and tried to make a deal on a Jeep Liberty. They didn't want to give us anything for the Jag so we decided to try and sell it outright and buy something later. I brought Sherrie home so she could go to work and I got called back to Midwest City. I had to do an eval at Midwest Regional and then headed back to Edmond. I tricked Trey into going to Wal-Mart with me. I needed to get my prescription and ended up spending $85.00 on that Turd Monkey. We were starving and I had just bought everything to make lasagna but we decided to go to Louie's instead! My sister Lindsey was working and took great care of us as usual! Sherrie came home at 7:30 and she bought me a movie. We sat in the living room and watched Faster before going to bed. We laid in bed and talked until way after midnight. Saturday is going to be a busy day. Thanks to my good friend Clark, Trey and I are going to the OU game today. They are playing Iowa State.... Ironically, Iowa Sate Vs. OU was the first college football game my dad took me to. It is suppose to be freezing cold and raining, so I laid out our clothes. After the game we are going by Jordan's apartment to see her. It's 45 and cloudy in Paris today. only 110 days!

Love you all!


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