Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, November 28th, 2011


Up at the butt crack of dawn.... I did some work and got my reports ready for the morning. I took Trey to school went to Vintage Coffee, Comet Cleaners, MidFirst Bank and then went to work. I needed to get my reports uploaded and then flash, post flash, leadership, and then get ready for my 2:00pm conference call. I had to run to Sherrie's school at 1:00 and then straight back to work. I was crazy busy all afternoon, and as I was leaving work I called Trey and could barely understand him. He has a sore throat, headache and painful joints. I went by Wal-Mart and got him some NyQuil and Chloraseptic. I was going to TRX, but the baby boy needed his papa! I came home and made him some dinner and put him on the couch. I called Jordan and she came to Edmond to help take care of him. Sherrie has class tomorrow and I have a bunch of meetings so it will be awesome that Jordan will be here to help him get to the doctor. Sherrie came home early to be with the family. We are having a good family night even though Trey is sick as a dog! 43 and Dark in Paris. They are seven hours ahead of us. 108 days to go!

Love you all!


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