Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Slept like a log! Got up and worked on some numbers for my Monthly Operational Review conference call. I played with some pictures and then got ready for work. I had Sherrie take Trey to school so I could get to team. Our doc that attends team needed to move it to Tuesday because she was heading out of town. Team went long.... We skipped flash, and post, but I met with Chad and then back to the office for more number crunching. I helped the girls in the office for a while. I was suppose to help serve the patients and their families Thanksgiving lunch but got caught with a family. I went to the conference room at 1:00 and they had just finished P&T so I had a bit of salad, and some cookies! Our call lasted forever, but it was OK.... I went back to the office and got report from Patty. Patty and Diane will both be off the rest of the week so that leaves me and Amber to cover the whole city. I left work at 4:45 and went straight to TRX. Coach Raphael tried to kill us again, but it was a good workout! I had made arrangements to meet a couple in Bricktown. I am shooting their wedding on December 3rd, and wanted to meet them face to face. There are awesome and we are going to have a blast shooting their wedding! I came home and made a bite to eat, and then Sherrie made it home from work. We hung out for a bit before going to bed. We were both exhausted. It's sunny and 50 degrees in Paris right now. ;-)

Love you all!


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