Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday, November 112th, 2011


I stayed in bed until 6:30am, and then jumped in the shower. Sherrie got up and made a giant breakfast and I cleaned the floors. We woke everyone up and had a great breakfast before Bruce and I ran to the flea market so I could get some cheap sunglasses and then we came home to start cooking our Thanksgiving Lunch. Bruce and I fry the turkey and the girls cook everything else. Sherrie's Nanny came, her mom and her boyfriend A.L. came, and then the whole Ray family so we had a house full. We had Turkey, and dressing, a big ham, mashed sweet taters, regular taters, green bean casserole, rolls, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and everything else you could ever imagine. I was exhausted after eating but it was time to clean everything up.As is tradition.... Courtney and Georgia help me decorate for Christmas, and even though we are still two weeks away from Thanksgiving we put up two Trees, and all of the other decorations. I had a photoshoot withe the Erkenbrack family at 3:30 and thank goodness Sherrie went to help because the wind was crazy, and she had to be on point to help with the girls hair. We came home and I started working on pictures. I had stopped at Wal-Mart and got a chicken to put in the fryer, just because so Bruce and I cooked it up. We had dinner and then I worked on pictures some more. We just kinda hung out and visited.... Watched football. It was a great day! I'm gonna make Trey earn some of his France money tomorrow. We have two photoshoots to do and then some clean up around the house.

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