Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, November 29th, 2010


Well it started out as a pretty good day.... Got up and had my coffee, farted around with my computer for a couple hours, then took Trey to school, and hit Starbucks. Work was pretty busy early this morning... We even stayed in and had leftovers for lunch. I decided this morning to reformat my computer so I started reloading everything and it took all day. I would start a download, and the work, come back and start something else, so on, and so on... Chatted with my buddy Wolf in England a few times today with the miracle of Facebook. I think I am going to have a few of his images in my exhibit on the 11th, of December.... When I came home Mike came by and picked me up and we met Jason Klinka at In the Raw and had some sushi.... We were headed to the Thunder game and then Sherrie called me and the Jaguar was not running and she was over by mom's house! I took Mike's car and came home... It is way to dark to do anything about it tonight, but I will look at it in the morning! I was watching the game on TV and working on my computer and when I set up the wireless network, it blew the whole network up.... That took me several hours to work out! It's working now! I hope the car is as easy to fix tomorrow!

All my love!


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