Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday, November 4th, 2010


For you newbies... Namaste means Bless the spirit with-in! (nam-a-Stay) What a day! Got up at 5:00 and showered, and had my coffee. We have had quite the weather change here and it was 38 degree's this morning. I have not cleaned the heater so, it was chilly in the house. I bundled up on the couch, and did some reading, and worked on the exhibition. It is official! The Exhibit/Sale will be December 10th, from 7 to 10pm at Louie's on 178th and Western here in Edmond. We will have light apps, and there will be a cash bar. I sent out 259 e-invites already, and just hope 1/2 of them show up. I spent most of the day in court today. I was contesting a traffic ticket, that I was completely innocent of. There were 81 cases and I was second to last. The city attorney presented his case and questioned the officer, and then I cross examined. I got the officer to admit that he was not sure which lane he was in, and it made quite a difference. I then had the opportunity to present my case which was photographic evidence that the officer could not have seen me stop at the stop sign, and then continue on. The judge dismissed my case! I was the only case dismissed. Most people were just idiots, and had no reason to be there. After I left court I went and met Randy at Louie's, then had to run my credit card to Sherrie at work. After work I went to meet a guy who was just released from the hospital. He is very big, and needs our help getting his weight under control. I have to help him lose 40 pounds before he can have an angiogram to tell him where his blockage is so he can have bypass surgery. My heart is heavy wanting to help this guy! I will help him! I swear! I went to the gym and taught a basic class tonight. We had a bunch of beginners. They did really well! I am glad to have gotten a good workout! I have a sparring match with Josh Crosby Monday. We have not thrown hands in several weeks, and I need to get punched in the face! I have about 130 5 x 7 prints ready for the show and have 30 8 x 10's. I need to get another 100 8 x 10's and then concentrate on large prints! I am going to bed!

Love you all!


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