Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday, November13th, 2010


Oh Mylanta... I woke up to heavy rain and lightning. It rained, and rained all day. I had to drop by Dr. Walton's office before dropping Trey off. I had to take Trey to Santa Fe, where he was catching the bus to Oklahoma City University for Honors Orchestra practice. They have a concert today, so they had the whole day to practice. Trey was a little nervous about going into the high school by his self, so I walked him into the school, and orchestra room. It is funny... Although Trey is only 12, he is taller than me and heavier than me. There were two high school kids making out right outside of the orchestra room, and I told Trey... See what they are doing? Don't do that! I think I embarrassed him, but come on! Anyway, I went to Starbucks and met Chad Lovett! We hung out for about an hour, and Mike Champlin came by, to give me is basketball tickets for the game. The game did not tip off until 8:30 due to the the fact that it was moved to ESPN's late game. On to work where it has been crazy. Gay and I met with Cindy at lunch. We went to Johnnie's and got a chicken sangwhich! We then went back to work where we got slammed! I did not leave until 6:00, and then when I got home I was flat exhausted! I called my neighbor Herman and ask if he wanted my basketball tickets and he did. He ask if Trey wanted to go with them, so everything worked out just fine. I took a shower and laid down, with plans of watching the basketball game on TV at 8:30. I fell asleep just a few minutes before 8:30 and never woke up! Yea! I got some sleep! I feel pretty good this morning! Gonna be a busy weekend!

All my love!


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