Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday & Saturday, November 26th & 27th


I am writing this blog from Sherrie's laptop because my computer is pissing me off! I have some kind of registry error, and it is running sooooo slow that I can not even do anything on it! I have spent 15 hours over the last two days working on it. I have everything backed up and tomorrow if it is not fixed I will reformat! Friday morning I got up early and went to the lake to see if anything was moving! I got my coffee first though! There were a few deer and some ducks but nothing spectacular. I went on to work, and there was not a lot to do. We finished up well before noon, and then I came home and got Trey. We went to the zoo and walked around for a couple of hours. It was really pretty chilly, but the sun was out. We went and got some lunch then came home and watched football for pretty much the rest of the night. I jumped up this morning before six and ran out to the lake, and went for a eight mile hike. Jodi called me when I was about 4 miles out and told me one of the units was down and I had to hurry back to the truck and go in to work. I was there for about a hour then I came home and Sherrie and I went to the market. When we got back Trey ad I loaded up ad went to the Links to hit some golf balls. When we got home I worked on our plumbing in the shower.... It is leaking from the shower turneroner.... I couldn't get it to stop so I will call a plumber Monday. I grilled some Pork chops, and made salads. Mom came over for dinner, and to watch the OU/osu game. The weather should be pretty nice tomorrow, so I am going to ride out at the lake after church! OU just won the game!!!! That means I don't have to hear about osu for another year!! Awesome!

Love you all!


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