Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010


I went out to the couch at Midnight last night. I can not lay flat, and I was miserable. I tried to sleep for a few hours but it was tough. I got up and ready for work at 5:00. After I dropped Trey off and hit Starbucks, I went on to work. As long as I stay in the office and don't pay attention to the surrounding world, everything is fine. I ran a few errands at lunch, and grabbed a bite to eat, then back for the afternoon! I left around 5:00 and came home for a bit, before going to another IV Antibiotic seminar, to learn about community acquired pneumonia. The best part was the fact that the Doctor giving the seminar was from Kathmandu, Nepal. I introduced myself before the seminar started and he was so surprised that I had even heard of Nepal, much less been to Nepal. He was awesome. When he practiced medicine in Nepal he would spend several months a year in the Himalaya's treating cataract issues. He was telling me about the high prevalence of cataracts due to the UV rays, and high altitude. I got his card before he left and I will be in contact with him!

All my love!


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