Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010


Well it was a trying day... I got up at my usual time, and had my coffee, while returning emails. When I took Trey to school, I hit Starbucks, and then needed to get some papers notarized for the gym. I had a bunch of stuff to return to Wal Mart and Sherrie and I picked up some things for Thanksgiving lunch.... We came home and got Jordan and then we headed to St. Anthony's Surgery Center. We got there and they called Jordan back at 10:30, and the doctor did not show up until, 12:30. The procedure only took about 30 minutes, but it took her until 5:00 to come out of the anesthesia and be able to make it to the car. I left the surgery center when she was out of surgery and went to Santa Fe to pick up the school work she has missed, then hit Home Depot, and NAPA. When I got home I picked up my cameras and headed to Oak Tree for a photo shoot. My buddy Chad Dugan owns Red Rock Landscape and design.... He just finished a lighting project at a big awesome house, and he needed pictures for his website. Trey went with me and helped me, so I took him to Johnnies for a chicken sandwich and then we came home. When I got home Sherrie told me that the bathroom faucet in Jordan's bathroom would not turn off, so I had to run back to Home Depot and get a new valve stem.... I got it fixed and now I am going to pass out!

Love you all!


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