Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


Dropped Jordan off at school, then hit Starbucks. The manager of my store was dressed up and I ask what the occasion was? He said his boss was coming in for a visit. I told him to call me! When I was in Lubbock I went to two different Starbucks. They were cold and sterile. My Starbucks is kinda like cheers. Everyone knows everyone, and we buy each other coffee. It's the pay it forward theory! Anyway enough about Starbucks. Work was super busy.... Jodi and I both dressed up today so we decided to go for a nice lunch at 501! The afternoon continued the busyness, and then before we realised it.... It was 5:45. I came home and fed Trey, then started working on my mower. I did a tune up, and tightened connections, and bolts! It is running so much better, but still not right. I need to get it in and get the oil leak fixed, but it will have to wait until the first of next week. I also spread about 200 pounds of top soil around my Bradford Pear tree. I have a hard time growing grass around that tree. Jordan is house setting for Jeni and Ricardo Villarreal, so I have to go get her at 5:30 in the morning. The picture is Jeni, and Ricardo, with Daisy, Herman, and Dexter. Better get to bed!

Love you all!

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