Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26th, 2010


Well it was a typical Monday.... Everything kinda in a haze! Dropped Jordan off at school and hit Starbucks. I am driving the work truck because Sherrie's car is DEAD! It is an ugly beast, but it gets us where we are going. Work was very busy. I had emailed Shawn Burrows, who is Jodi and my boss to thank him for the opportunity to go to Lubbock last week and do what I do best.... He emailed back and said he had a couple of other projects if I was interested.... I said "Hell Yes!" The first one is in Grand Forks, North Dakota! I immediately started doing research on Central North Dakota, and what is close to see and do. There are several Indian reservations, and it is only 76 miles from the Canadian border. I don't have a date yet, but the sooner the better! Grand Forks is on the Minnesota border, so I could hit a couple of different states, and Canada all in one trip. I know there is a ton of wildlife to shoot up there. (With the camera!) At lunch I had Jodi drop me here at the house, and I drove Sherrie's car to Firestone to see if they could tell me what was wrong with it. Well... They called me and said there was no compression in the #1 cylinder. CRAP! That means I have to have the engine broken down and that fixed. More money out the door! Ben picked me up at Firestone and took me back to work. The afternoon went really fast. As soon as we were done, I headed up to the gym. We had a couple of the young students lead the class last night, but I was there to keep everything flowing. They did a great job, in teaching and keeping most people headed in the right direction. A couple of times I had to make a couple suggestions, but it was good to see these guys try something new. I came home and showered then went to get Sherrie's car and drop it off at an engine shop. As soon as we got back home I crawled into bed and CRASHED! I was spent. Today will be busy, as I plan to do the Edmond property after work. Should only take six hours if I crank it out! The picture from yesterday, was a homeless guy I met in Lubbock. I saw him sitting there as I was shooting a church. After I took a few pictures, I walked up to him and wanted to give him a few dollars... He said "Man, I don't want your money! You need it more than I do!" I told him I would be OK and I would like him to take the money and go get a hot meal! He said "Well if your sure you don't need it!" It struck me as odd... I was driving a $25,000 car wearing a Ralph Lauren dress shirt, designer jeans, nice shoes, and all this guy had was on his back, and he was worried that I could not spare a couple of bucks... I assured him it was OK and he took the money and smiled. I was surprised at the number of homeless people I saw in Lubbock.... One of the things my eye's have been opened to lately, but that's a whole different blog! Today's pictures are an American Bald Eagle the picture was taken at an Eagle rescue in Perkins, Oklahoma... The kitty is my buddy "Shadow!" Shadow usually sleeps right in between my feet! Last night I am pretty sure I kicked him right in the head!

Love you all!


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