Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15th, 2010


Dropped the kid's off then hit Starbucks! Tony Brummitt was going to meet me there so I could sign some insurance papers. I walked in and did not see him.... My friend Erin was there and I started talking to her, then I saw Tony sitting in the corner spying on me! :-) Not really..... On to work. I like Thursdays because it is the busiest day of the week! We grabbed a sandwich at lunch then Jodi and I went to the park and took some pictures. I LOVE taking pictures of pretty people! You really don't have to do much.... Just let the camera work for you! Back to work! As soon as work was over, came home and got the trailer. Went back to the Edmond facility, and knocked it out in six hours. I did the regular maintenance, and put down 10 bags of mulch! Home to clean up and get ready for today! I am attaching a few pictures I took yesterday. Enjoy!

Love you all!


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