Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17th, 2010


Did not sleep a wink! It poured rain all night, and I had sooooo much to do Saturday, that I laid awake wondering how I was going to get it done! I got up at 5:00 and watched the weather. There was about an hour break in the storm, so I decided to go over to Midwest City and at least get that flower bed cleaned up! By the time I got over there it was raining buckets! I have a rain suit, so it's not like I was getting wet.... I got the front bed looking really nice! I transplanted several shrubs, that were already in there, added 400 pounds of top soil, blue junipers (They smell awesome) and 20 bags of mulch. It was still raining cats and dogs, so I started trimming the hedges, pruning the Red Buds, and Lopping the Bradford Pear trees. We spent 9 hours on the front of the hospital. I have a very busy week,and I knew I needed to get as much mowing done as possible, but the hospital has a serious drainage problem, so I did most of the enormous property with the weed eater! It makes a heck of a mess, but it will be next Saturday, before I can get back over there! Came home and took a twenty minute hot shower! Sherrie and I went to Charleston's for dinner. Miriam's mom gave us a gift card for moving some furniture for her, so it was a cheap date. Ben and Kinsey Crocker have two houses for sale, and they needed pictures for the MLS website. We went over and shot the houses, then followed them to Buffalo Wild Wings, for a drink. They are an amazing couple, and they make us laugh, sooooo hard. We had a couple of fighters fighting in Davis yesterday. Travis Chyzy, and Ian Freeman. It was a Muay Thai Fight, and they both dominated! We also had a guy fighting on National TV. "King Mo" Lawal fights out of "GDP" (Get Dat Paper) and he is a very good friend of Tyler Griffen and advisor. Mo won the Strike Force Light Heavy Weight title. Great job everyone! It is still raining outside! I have to work in the parking lot at church, then Sherrie and I are going to a full gospel church with a friend of hers! Should be interesting. I have a lot to do around the house today.... Glad I got so much done at MWC yesterday.

Love you all!


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