Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010


Busy day.... Dropped Trey off at School. Jordan stayed home to take her drivers test again! Guess what???? She passed this time. GOD HELP US ALL! Hit Starbucks on the way out to the lake. Got a few nice shots of some geese, and a turtle! On to work. The day went by pretty quickly. I have NOT been doing a PowerPoint presentation for Sherrie about Nepal! I have been educating her on the climate, culture, religion, people, treks, and climbs, and she has done all of the work herself!:-) I went to MWC after work to trim shrubs... I wanted to get most of them done.... Guess what? I only got three done, and it took us almost seven man hours! I had my friend "Speedy" helping me. I still have probably 30 hours of shrub work left. Don't really know if I will ever get done with it! The lawn over there looks pretty good other than a few dandelions. I put 100 gallons of weed killer out at MWC, but it didn't seem to work? I came home and did our taxes! I hate taxes, and the IRS. We are getting a refund, but it's not really much to speak of! Time to get it together for tomorrow!

Love you all!



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  2. Congratulations Jordan! :o)

    You're putting some lovely shots up with your daily posts Mat ...