Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, April 19th, 2010


Holy Crap! This was defiantly Monday! Dropped the kid's off after not much sleep! I tossed and turned all night.... I have muscles that hurt I did not even know existed. My chipped elbow is causing some numbness in my left hand, and the fracture on my right tibia is still very tender. Have I told you I am getting OLD? Hit Starbucks and forgot my wallet.... A guy I see in there everyday, Leo said let me get your coffee this morning. It's funny... I see the same core group of people in there everyday. If I don't make a stop in Starbucks and see my peep's I feel lost! I am going to run for Mayor of Starbucks at 15th & Bryant! Anyway... I went by the park and looked for anything moving? Nothing! There are several bird nest but no birds. Wolf wrote on his blog the other day he way waiting on the Osprey to return from Africa. How cool would that be? We have thousands of Red Tail Hawks here but that's about it! Work was busier than I can remember it being for at least a year! I took a quick lunch break, had a bite to eat and then had to make a few stops looking for some over the counter drugs we didn't carry! We did not leave work until after 6:00pm. My class started at 6:00, so I had Sherrie bring my boxing shorts to the gym, and I did a small circuit by myself. When I was leaving I had a good talk with Jared Hess. He is our best fighter, and he is leaving for the Bellator series. I told him how proud I was of him, and he said "You have it all wrong... We are proud of you!" Made me well up inside! This is a professional fighter, who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year fighting in a cage, and he is proud of me? WOW! That will help keep me accountable! They were advertising his upcoming fight on ESPN all weekend, and I just puffed up and said... "That's my boy!" "I have his cell number in my phone!" "I roll with him!" Jared really is one of my hero's! A great guy! Came home and Sherrie had fixed some chicken stir fry. I have some projects this week that will keep me busy! Better get started! This picture is from last years Bellator series final. Jared is the guy in the green shorts. He fought Hector Lombard!

Love you all!


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