Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 18th, 2010


Worked in the parking lot at church this morning in the pouring rain. I wore my rain suit! I made Trey go into the service and I met him when I was done. Trey was sitting on the second row. He enjoys Pastor Herbert so much! It is funny.... I have talked about how as an obese American, I have dealt with discrimination so much that I have always felt like a minority. I have always considered myself or aligned myself with the African American community. I try to teach my kid's that it does not matter what color someones skin is..What matters is what is in their heart. Trey's best friend is Herman Otis Laskey III! Herman is African American, as a matter of fact Trey has several friends of color... Not just black, but he has a great friend at school named Allen Wu Chen. Allen is from China. Maybe that generation will be the one's who don't see people by the color of their skin, but by the character of their spirit? Crazy diatribe, but something that weighs heavy on my heart today! After church I came home and- Sherrie jumped in the car with me. We went to another service.... Her friend Charlene went to church with us last weekend, and so we were invited to her church today. She goes to Deliverance and Praise Family Worship Center. They are a full gospel church, ripe in the spirit! It was awesome to see how other people worship. I have experienced so many religions, and styles of worship over the last year. I have been helping Sherrie with a presentation on the Culture and Climate of Nepal. In doing so, I have done more studying on Hinduism, and Buddhism, and learned so much more. Reading things in hindsight makes some of the things I saw in Nepal make sense. We had to leave the service at 1:30 because Ben was here at the house to pick up his pictures I took last night. I watched the Thunder's first Playoff game, and have been doing some house cleaning, the rest of the evening! I need to get stuff ready for the week!

Love you all!


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