Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010


Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! Dropped the kid's off then hit Starbucks! As Mayor of Starbucks I had to see my constituents! On to work, where it was crazy busy! I wanted to get all of my stuff done by 11:00, because Jodi and I were heading to Lubbock to open a new pharmacy for Principle Pharmacy Group. It is just under a six hour drive, about 370 miles. I brought along my GPS unit, and Damn.... It needs some help! It took us down some county roads and at one point we were on a farm road, that was covered by water! We got here and checked into our hotel, then went looking for some dinner. We found a little dinner club called Gilbert's. The food was good, but the cocktails were better! We have a busy day tomorrow, and Thursday, so we decided to call it a night! The Thunder game just started, so I am going to watch a bit before crashing!

Love you all!


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