Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010


Headed to Starbucks on the Texas Tech campus at 6:15.... I only slept about three hours. Just couldn't get comfortable. I took my camera with me because, I always take a camera with me. I drove around the campus looking for anything to shoot, but it was overcast and raining. I headed back to the hotel and picked up Jodi. We went to the old hospital and made a plan with the staff there and then went to the new hospital and started working out the bugs. We had networking issues, and printer issues. We had to get the automation set up, and loaded. Just a ton to get done. I made Jodi take a lunch break at noon. Back to the hospital to button things up. We finished everything we could get done by 4:30 and started home. First issue was the Texas Highway patrol. Then when we were approaching Amarillo, the weather started changing, and we headed East. We could see giant wall clouds, and the fingers hanging down. There were 70 tornado's in the region yesterday, and I am pretty sure we were in two of them. At one point we were parked on the side of the highway.... Baseball sized hail, tearing our rental car apart, the winds were blowing so hard it was moving the car. The grass was being sucked up and the passenger side of the car that was facing south, was covered in grass. The winds then immediately changed and blew the other direction just as hard. We endured that weather for about 4 hours, until we finely pushed through and out ran the storms the rest of the way home. I had to get some laundry going, then passed out. I have no idea how we made it home, but we are here. I really have a good feeling about what we got accomplished. All they have to do is order the rest of their stock, put it on the shelves, and finish loading the Med-Dispense. I enjoyed the opportunity to go show what we can get accomplished. There is a sense of purpose in doing a project like that. You see progress, and know you left them in better shape than they were when you got there. Need to throw a shout out to "Shooter!" Shooter was a old bike that we met. He was a real "Ladies man!" ;-)Time to get ready for the day!

Love you all!


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