Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010


Tuesday had potential, and it ended up "Sucking BIG TIME!" Took Jordan to school and then hit Starbucks. I took the lawn equipment with me so I could do the property there after work. I got to work and kicked it in the butt. Jodi and I had a lunch meeting at noon with a drug rep named Michelle Mason. Michelle represents "Levaquin" which is a very popular floroquinalone antibiotic. I liked Michelle from the first time I met her, but really didn't sense anything special. Well... during our conversation I mentioned the photography, and it turns out that Michelle has a photography business too. Her website is Check it out! She does portrait photography, kid's, weddings, families.... All of the stuff, I would rather not do. For some reason I would rather shoot, landscape's, animals, and candid stuff. Don't get me wrong... I will shoot portrait photography, but there is stress involved! The afternoon was busy! I found out that Sherrie's car has to have to motor rebuilt. $2,200.00 out the door, and then while I was mowing the Edmond property my big mower quit running! I had to push mow most of the 15 acre property. I came home in a pissy mood, and took a shower and crashed out. I guess I have to find someone to work on it! Check out Michelle's website, and don't forget my buddy Wolf's website... I did not take todays picture. My climbing guide Mr. Tenzing Sherpa took it when we were coming off of Imja Tse!
Love you all!


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