Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friday, April 16th, 2010


Dropped the kid's off, then Starbucks! Went by the park, but there was not rally anything moving! Thousands of squirrels scurrying about.... We had a big weather system moving in, and they were gathering food. It is so interesting, that if you pay attention to nature it will tell you what is happening! On to work, for a pretty busy day. My good friend Dustin Forgue had back surgery a week ago. He is doing fine, but was bored at home.... His doctor encouraged him to get out and walk around, so he walked over to the hospital to go to lunch with us. Ben met us over at Louie's and Jodi and Gaymarie went as well. Dustin is hilarious, and we laughed so hard, that I'm sure he was hurting too! Jodi and I took a few minutes and went to the office building next to the hospital, and took some more pictures... They came out very nice! After work I went to Home Depot and got the supplies I needed for Midwest City.... Mulch, top soil, pavers, blue junipers, etc... It was pouring rain, but I had to get the flower beds done at the hospital. Came home, and we were watching Tommy for Miriam... He was wound tight, and we played cars, and I chased him around the house. I was exhausted, so we finally got him to sit still and watch Sponge Bob!

Love you all!


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