Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010


Hump day! Got up and worked on a potential trip to Africa. Looked at flights and travel.... It is something I am really interested in. I was also invited to Rwanda Tuesday night.... May have to weigh my options. The trip to Rwanda would be much cheaper, because it would be a working trip. I have always been interested in the Danakil Depression though. It is called the most inhospitable place in the world. It is basically a volcano that is very active. There are lava tubes, and sulfur pits.... A very nasty, but beautiful place. I also have been tagging places on Google Earth and that has been fun. I am tracking some of my trips. Right now I am tracking the trip Mike and I took through Cataract Canyon in 2009. Right now I am tracking our hike into the dolls house. I actually ran up and down the trail which is about a 75* angle. It was exhilarating! One mis-step and I was a goner! Anyway work was still there.... Our boss Shawn was still here. He is really cool, but when he is there of course there is that uncomfortableness.... Spent the afternoon getting ready for the long weekend. After work I came home and Mike met me here, and we went to the Thunder game. Trey took his friend Skylar and we used our coupon for 50 free wings.... I ate way too much but it was good! The game was pretty tight until the fourth quarter and we took a 20 point lead. We came home and I was going to watch the bowl game on TV but passed out!

Love you all!


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