Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010


Another busy day... Got up at 4:50 and returned emails, and worked on images.... I had about 40 prints to get out and four to get framed. I got the images printed, and then headed out to the lake. The sunrise was brilliant. The deer were skittish this morning, but the seagulls were active. The prints I made this morning were very curious. They were for a nurse at work, and the images she chose.... Frankly I have never printed before. Several were from Jamaica, and a couple from our lake I go to every morning. She has been so busy at work, it was easier for her to go through my portfolio and have me do all the work. Funny thing is I type in the picture number hit print and 30 minutes later it's all done! Anyway.... Work was OK.... We are having inventory on Thursday so I did prep work. We had our Pharmacy Christmas Party at Kang's today. We all had Sushi and exchanged gifts. I gave the girls all framed prints. They came out awesome. I should have taken pictures of the pictures.... Back to work, where we continued inventory prep. I left at 4:30 came home picked up some prints and headed to Hobby Lobby. When I got there they were really busy so I framed my own pictures and even helped the customers. It was actually fun! I went up to the gym at 6:30 to talk to Lindsey Skinner. She is my new bestie.... Lindsey is an awesome kick boxing instructor! Back home to bake Christmas Cookies and do some writing!

All my love!


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