Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010


Still having computer issues.... Worked on it all day yesterday. I would get a diagnostic running, or a program downloading and then do a little work, then come back and check on it.... FRUSTRATING!!! Anyway, dropped Trey off a school, then hit Starbucks. Erin's hair is growing out really fast! She said she raised $13,000 by shaving her head. That is awesome. Anyway work was OK... Ran to Locke Supply at lunch to get the part for the shower, and they did not have it, so I had to go way down by the airport.... After work I went straight to the gym and got the heaters going, then rolled with Morgan Hawkins for an hour and did one hour of Ajarn Parkers class. It was basic striking, but it is good for everyone to work on fundamentals. I came home, and guess what I did??? Yep, worked on this computer! I am getting ready to try and reload Office so pray for me! I got the sample of my book back yesterday... There are three punctuation errors.... I will fix everything before printing anything else!

All my love!


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