Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010


Well I ended up on the couch last night.... I was watching the Monday Night Football game, and Sherrie was trying to sleep so I came out here... The game went into overtime and then I laid here forever, before I ever went to sleep. Sherrie got up at 4:00 and so did I. I worked on pictures for three full hours, and then dropped Trey off and went to Starbucks. Erin bought my coffee this morning! I got a call that Joint Commission was in our building. When I got to work everyone was running around crazy.... I had my regular work to do, and then we had cleaning and organizing to do.... I ran out at lunch and got us some food, then the afternoon just drug on.... We kept cleaning and organizing until 5:30.... I was suppose to do a photo shoot from 3:30 to 6:30 but I had to send my buddy Jeremy Morton to Copper Lake because I could not go! I ended up at the gym at 6:00 and we were rolling when Tyler Griffin heel kicked me in the eye orbit and knocked me smooth out! I came around to him slapping me in the face.... I have a pretty good goose egg. We had BJJ class till 8:00 and then I came home to clean up get a shower, and find some FOOD! I got a bunch of things ordered from the show. Everything I printed today was stuff I had at the exhibit but people wanted it in Black and White???? Time for bed!

All my Love!


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