Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saturday, December 25th, 2010 Christmas Day


What a day, with a full range of emotions.... I woke up at 6:00 and the coffee make had stopped up and coffee was everywhere. I cleaned it up and decided to run up to the store and get some coffee. 7 - 11 was closed so I decided to check Starbucks. They were closed but the circle K across the street was open. When I got back Sherrie was in the shower, and when she got out we woke up the kids. The came into the living room and opened up presents. I think everyone was happy about their gifts. Sherrie went to cook breakfast, and the door bell rang. It was our next door neighbor Saundra. She was balling and said her daughter Jenni, and her husband were just killed in a car accident. What do you say? There are no words to help at that time. All i could say is I'm sorry, and I don't know what to do.... I don't! I can't say "Oh I know what you are going through!" or "It will be OK!" It won't be OK... Her life will be changed for ever. She will have a hole in her heart that there is no fix for! I am so sad, for their family. I knew Jenni, but not as well as their other children. She lived in Stillwater, Arkansas, and her and her husband just moved to College Station, Texas a few months ago. Sherrie and Saundra had made plans to go down there and visit.... Sherrie knew Jenni better than me.... She is heart broken. We were numb, but had mom and others coming over. It was hard to keep a smile on our faces, but we pushed through. About noon, I came in the bedroom, and just kinda vegged for a couple of hours. I need to clear my mind. I watched some sports and looked at some pictures. At 4:30 we went by Nanny's and then headed down to the Thunder game. We were playing Denver, but first I had coupons for 40 free chicken wings at Hooters. I only ate a couple. They were good, but I had no appetite. Just kinda hollow. The game was very competitive, and we stayed for the whole game. We ran to the store on the way home to get some stuff to cook for the Goodpastures tomorrow, and now it is time to get some rest! By the way... The guy in the picture with Jordan is Josh Holmes. Josh lives on my couch! He is a Junior at OU and is dating my daughter. One good thing about Josh is.... He is scared to death of me!

Love you all! Please pray for the Goodpasture family!


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