Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday, December 16th, 2010


Woke up at 4:30 and looked for a particular image for 2 solid hours. I finely found it and sent it to print. I had to have it done in a 16x20, and I can not print that big here at the house. Trey had a project at school, where they were building genetic mutations out of candy. I think it was just an excuse to eat a bunch of candy at school, but we had to stop before school and get Mike & Ikes and Gummy Bears. I hit Starbucks before work, and it was really good. Work sucked again with Joint Commission in the building, but they left at 3:00 and we left at 4:00. I took Trey to Basketball practice and then headed to the gym. I met Tyler there at 4:30 and we went HARD for two hours. Something awesome happened! Timmy Elliott, who just got back from six weeks of training with Dominik Cruz came in, and I tapped him out. Now don't get me wrong.... I out weigh Timmy by 60 pounds, and he has tapped me out 30 or more times. This was a crowning moment in my MMA career. I feel like I won the title. In an ironic turn. As I am writing this blog Dominik Cruz just defended his title belt, and in doing so is the last WEC 135 pound champion, and became the first UFC Bantam weight champion. He is awesome, and watching him fight I can see why Timmy is so good! Anyway... I left the gym and headed to Santa Fe to see Trey's Christmas orchestra concert. As soon as the seventh grade was done I came home to shower, eat, and get ready to watch that fight. I am pretty tired, and do not know what tomorrow holds, so I guess I better turn in? The picture is Tim Elliott with Dominik Cruz.

Love you all!'


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