Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday, December 19th, 2010


Got up at 6:30, returned emails and got my shower. Mom was going to church with us today, so after our stop at Starbucks we picked her up, and headed to church. Church was off the hook. There was a drum line and laser beams.... All kinds of Christmas music, and Holiday cheer. We dropped mom off and made a run back to Wal Mart. We came home dropped that stuff off then met Sherrie's friend Stephanie at Life Church for service there... NO WHERE CLOSE to as awesome as Peoples Church!!! We came home and when we were making lunch we cleaned the house.... I laid down for a short nap, and then worked on some images and started wrapping Christmas presents. Mom came over for dinner, and she helped wrap a bunch of stuff. I have been answering emails and working on images... I am ready for bed! It has been a very busy weekend, and this week is going to suck! We have inventory on Thursday, and I need to make a run to Midwest City early this week!

All my love!


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