Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30th, 2010


Got up way too early and started working on the Google Earth stuff. That has really been pretty fun, bringing back some really good memories. I am really lucky to be able to travel to all of these really cool places. Went on to work, and since we are closed tomorrow I had a ton to do. There were several things to get accomplished, so I did. Ran to Louie's at lunch and then back to finish up. Left at 5:15 and then came home and did some cleaning changed clothes and rode my bike to the gym. I was going to do Lindsey's class, but most of her girls were out of town or busy so she didn't do her usual class. I rolled with Tyler for an hour straight. I think I really did well. I felt really strong, I guess because I have not rolled in several days I felt fresh. I got in the cage with Travis and he kicked my A$$! He has a fight on the 15th and he has been training really hard. I worked Lindsey over real good! Then came home to watch a little ball! I was beat and crashed!

All my Love!


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