Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


Good day.... I heard a loud noise at 3:12am and jumped up to find my naked daughter standing on her desk changing the DVD in her player. I said "what in the heck are you doing?" She said "I cant sleep so I am gonna watch a movie!" I NEVER EVER, went back to sleep. I watched the clock tic-tok, tic-tok, tic-tok, tic-tok... You get the picture? I had to pick mom up again. Maybe she will get her truck fixed soon. We stopped by Starbucks, and then on to work. Work continues to be slow, but I have inventory next month, so there is plenty to do! I went out at lunch and picked up trash, and weeds. It was hotter than heck!!!! The afternoon was slow as usual.... After work I headed down to Ben and Kinsey Crocker's new house in the city. They bought a historic old home in the Shepard Square area in Oklahoma City. The house was in very bad shape, and they only have seven days to completely remodel it and get moved. Ben has a very tight schedule, so I went to help stain the hardwood floors. The floors were nasty, so he sanded them for hours, and hours. Ben made the decision to stain the floors really dark against his wife's wishes. The color is call black walnut, but I think it should be called oil stain, or tar! just kidding! I think it will be fine after the polyurethane is on them. We got a little silly sniffing the stain fumes for way to long, but I am glad I had a chance to help for a little while! The picture is Ben finishing the stairs!

Love you all!


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