Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11th, 2010


Ran by Starbucks, then drove through the park. I saw a red headed wood pecker, and I jumped out of the Rover.... I circled around the tree and so did the bird. He obviously did not want his picture taken. I went on to work.... IT WAS SLOOOOOOW! I had a few IV's to make, and then finish some audits. Gaymarie and I went to Old Chicago for lunch, and I saw my little brother Josh Isbell. I have not seen him in months.... Back to work, to finish out the day. I came home and Sherrie and I chilled on the couch... We had a really good talk! Ben and Kinsey Crocker came over, and we went to Zorba's Mediterranean for dinner. After dinner we went by their new house. They are moving to a historic district in the city. It will suck not having them so close. Back home to hit the sack.

Much love!


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