Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010


Great day overall! Started by driving through the Valley, and looking at the flood damage again. I took several pictures and will post them here. I went on to work and got started.... We are still pretty slow, but I had a narcotic inventory to get finished. I met Ben Crocker for lunch at Louie's, then back to work. I met with Dr. Walton at 4:15 and we talked about the last year, and he had his marketing director with him. I think we may do some projects together in the future. I acme home and changed clothes, and headed up to the gym. Now with the poison ivy, and the landscape business I have not been there for almost three weeks.... I got warmed up and then ground and pound class started. Mike Giroux ask me if I just wanted to spar.... I said hell yes! We went a round MMA, Second round straight boxing, third round MMA. I held my own in the first, Mike dominated the second, and then in the third I caught him with a spinning back fist! He was laughing and I said what so funny? He said I have always said, if I ever get caught with a spinning back fist I would quit! We were laughing so hard it was hard to finish the round, but I really think I took it! I really, really , enjoyed the physical man on man combat. I think it was very therapeutic to go get my face smashed in, and spill some blood! I can not believe how good I feel! I met Mike Champlin at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. We have not hung out in several weeks, and we had a bunch to talk about. That was also therapeutic! I am worn out and have no doubt I should sleep like a baby! The first picture is the TV trucks, local channels, CNN, and the today show all broadcast live from here. The second picture is a home that is 250 yards away from the creek. What got them was the drain that was in their yard got clogged with debris and the water had no where to go! The third picture you can see the high water mark on the side of the house! Tell me global climate shift is phony? Blizzards, record size hail storms, 13 inches of rain in 16 hours???? What other explanations do you have?

Love you all!

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