Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 30th, 2010


Tuesday was a pretty good day! Had a bunch to do, but most of it had nothing to do with work. It seems to be that way more, and more. Mom got her car back so I didn't have to pick her up. Hit Starbucks and then on to work. It was early, but I am a morning person anyway. I ran to Home Depot at lunch and got a new sprayer. I decided to spray Round-Up on several spots that are difficult to weed eat, thus saving a bunch of time. Back in to work.... The afternoon was pretty slow, but I survived. After work I came home and got my cameras, then headed to Sherri Stoner's house to do some pictures of her baby girl Cheynie. Cheynie is nine months old, and is adorable. I left there and headed straight to the gym. Mike Giroux was waiting on me, and we went straight into the cage. First round he kicked my butt! He was throwing everything he had at me. Second round.... I took him down at stayed in control. I landed several really good shots, including a nice elbow. I went to Muay Thai class at 7:30 and ended up teaching with Josh Crosby. We had a bunch of newbies so we went over basics.... Giroux kicked me in the left leg three times. I busted a blood vessel or something? I have a giant goose egg on the side of my knee. Oh well.... That's why they call it fight club! The picture is Cheynie Stoner in her 4th of July clothes.

Love you all!


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