Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday, June 10th, 2010


Hit Starbucks this morning.... You know how I am always kidding about being the Mayor of my Starbucks? Well... The manager Josh told me they are really starting a Mayor of Starbucks program. I swear someone has been reading my blog? How crazy is that. There is an application process, and the details will be coming out soon! I had planned on taking my equipment with me and starting the lawn early. I went out in the garage at 4:40 and my head was spinning, so I laid back down. I went to work, and it was pretty slow..... I took a pretty long lunch and got the Edmond property done. I did not obsess about every blade of grass, and. I am going to change the oil and tune up the big mower tonight. I did have luck with my push mower I blew up the other night. It ran like a champ. I still need to find a buyer for the business. I know I have a lot of time and energy in this thing, but if I sell the equipment for what I have in it, and package the contracts with it..... In addition to the money owed me.... Should make a pretty nice profit. That would help create a little margin! I need help with the Midwest City property tomorrow. I pay better than any other landscape business, and I am way better looking than any other boss out there! We had a nice dinner last night, and then laid on the couch and watched a pretty good movie called... State of Play! The new movie "The A-Team" comes out today. I use to watch the A-Team every Saturday night! I am ready for the weekend like never before. I may take a weekend off and do the MWC property on Sunday afternoon, or even Monday Evening! Who knows.... I will probably worry about it so much that I will be over there at 6:00 tomorrow morning!

Going to work!

Love you all!



  1. I like the new color. Is that maroon?

  2. Where do I fax my application for the mowing position? Ben C.